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by Edicion Especial llc

Retro Nordic Boots

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In Nordic Countries, wallpaper has been traditionally used in interior decorations mainly because, according to Nordic people, putting it up involves more effort and more artistic work than just painting. Moreover, in these countries, where there is no sunlight most of the year, it feels good to get home and find a warm and bright place, all thanks to the wallpapers.

Retro Nordic draws inspiration from the lines and colors of wallpapers from the 60s, whose aim was to offer a sensory and emotional experience combining different styles (such as Baroque, Art Nouveau, Pop Art and Op Art) to create fun patterns and bold shapes in bright, fresh colors.

The design displays fuchsia and brown zig zags that in some parts match and in others overlap. On this surface, well-defined circles in different sizes appear here and there, grabbing the attention and softening the background with their shapes and clear colors.

Spread enthusiasm and good vibes: wear a pair of Retro Nordic.

Our shoes are made with you in mind. That's why we choose the best materials available to ensure strength and durability: perfect for walking, running and jumping.

Shoe care and maintenance
Here's the best part: our shoes are easy to clean. You just need to wipe them down to get all the dirt off. They will always look like new!!

A Step by Step guide on how to find your perfect size

Every single shoe launched by Edicion Especial is created to be a piece of art. We realize the importance of having the aesthetic ambiance to create the right story. By getting a Edicion Especial you don’t get just a simple accessory, you get the story, the history, and the commitment.

Fast Processing

Once you order we start to work hard to make the fabulous shoes, it will take up to 5 days to make them.

Free Delivery in the USA

It takes 3-15 days. Fees are all included in every purchase, so there is no need to worry about hidden fees.

Exchanges & Returns

You have 30 days from the shipping date to return your purchase. Shipping not incluided.