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For us, making shoes was never just an aesthetic whim. It has little to do with patterns, design or purpose, but instead with what goes beyond the shoe itself. In a way, shoes reflect your personal style, bear your entire body weight and, at the same time, help you move forward. They also symbolize a journey, since they take you wherever you want to go.

That is our purpose at Edición Especial.


Mizrrain Lias

Our story

Edición Especial (edes) represents a journey, in particular his founder´s journey. Mizrraín Lías, artist and graphic designer, was born and raised in Venezuela; up to now, he has visited more than 20 countries and 100 different cities!!! From Argentina to Mexico, from Norway to Turkey and he is still ... !!yearning for more!!

Landscapes, colors and people from each of these countries left a mark on him, and served as an inspiration and impulse to start a brand that allowed him to discover more of the world. The result: Edición Especial (edes), which Mizrraín relaunched in 2018 and whose name derives from the fact that, like every single trip, every design seeks to be unique.

From that point on, Mizrraín never traveled alone. He had found the perfect travel companion: a footwear that easily adapts to different environments and lifestyles (from artists, dreamers, and musicians to ecologists and sportsmen/sportswomen) without sacrificing comfort or style; one that anyone can wear, no matter their identity or cultural background.

In 2018, Gerardo Zea joined the team as COO and Leomar Mendez as CCO, and the company was established in Saint Paul, Minnesota; its headquarters moved, but its spirit did not. There is something that remains the same: these shoes and accessories, as well as their customers, have a need to go further and reach everything.

That's why you can buy them from all corners of the world, so you can also go as far as you want and fulfill your dreams

“Metaphorically speaking, when you set your foot on the ground you take possession of the land you tread on/own the land underneath”

Fast Processing

Once you order we start to work hard to make the fabulous shoes, it will take up to 5 days to make them.

Free Delivery in the USA

It takes 3-15 days. Fees are all included in every purchase, so there is no need to worry about hidden fees.

Exchanges & Returns

You have 30 days from the shipping date to return your purchase. Shipping not incluided.